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Jerome Outreach Participating Schools and Training Venues, past and present

Elementary Schools

Armstrong, Burnaby
Betty Huff, Surrey
Britannia Community, Vancouver
Sir Guy Carleton, Vancouver
Cameron, Burnaby
Cedar Hills, Surrey
Chaffey-Burke, Burnaby
Crosstown, Vancouver
David Brankin, Surrey
Douglas Road, Burnaby
Edmonds Community, Burnaby
Sir Sandford Fleming, Vancouver
Forsyth Road Elementary, Surrey
Graham Bruce, Vancouver
Grandview, Vancouver
Green Timbers, Surrey
Hastings, Vancouver
James Ardiel, Surrey
John Henderson, Vancouver
Hjorth Road, Surrey
Kirkbride, Surrey
Ecole Inman, Burnaby
David Livingston, Vancouver
Lord Beaconsfield, Vancouver
Sir William MacDonald, Vancouver
Ecole Marlborough, Burnaby
Maywood Community, Burnaby
Dr. H.H. MacCorkindale, Vancouver
Morley, Burnaby
Mount Pleasant, Vancouver
Florence Nightingale, Vancouver
John Norquay, Vancouver
Old Yale Road, Surrey

David Oppenheimer, Vancouver
Prince Charles, Surrey
Riverdale, Surrey
Royal Heights, Surrey
Second Street, Burnaby
South Slope, Burnaby
Lord Selkirk, Vancouver
Admiral Seymour, Vancouver
Simon Cunningham, Surrey
South Slope, Burnaby
Lord Strathcona, Vancouver
Stride, Vancouver
Tecumseh Park, Vancouver
Thunderbird, Vancouver
Tillicum Annex, Vancouver
Twelfth Avenue, Burnaby
Windsor, Burnaby
Woodward K.B, Surrey

Secondary Schools

Other Locations

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