Sports Saves Lives



Admiral Seymour Elementary

Seymour Elementary School is situated in the poorest postal code in Canada…Our families do not have the resources to involve their children in community based activities. I want to thank you for this outreach program and for the excellent coaching…”  

Britannia Elementary

“…most of our students come from low income families and over half of our students are First Nations….Our running teams have doubled in size since JOS began working in our community – this is quite a feat given the early morning practice schedule!

Thunderbird Elementary

We are one of a few schools with the largest population of First Nations students in Vancouver, and many of our families are refugees from war-torn nations…Not only have your coaches brought professional instruction to our school, they have been amazing mentors for our students.” 

Graham Bruce Elementary

“I sincerely hope that this excellent program can continue to serve children at-risk and those who cannot otherwise have athletic experiences.” 

 Maywood Community

Many of our students come from families that cannot afford to provide extracurricular experiences for their children.This outstanding coaching has been offered to the students at no cost and they have really enjoyed and been aware of the quality of coaching they are receiving.” 

Nelson Elementary

“We cannot afford programs for our kids with our budget limitations. It has been an absolutely positive experience for our children. They are thrilled by your coaches who have come filled with energy.”

Edmonds Community

“…helped us quadruple the number of students involved in organized sports and these children have gained a tremendous level of confidence that transcends athletics.” 

 Guy Carleton Elementary

“…the skill, professionalism and love of sport brought by you and your coaching staff are of great benefit to our students at this critical stage in their growth and development.” 

Henderson Elementary

Our parents do not have the resources nor the ability to involve their children in community based activities, so having your coaches come to our school is a generous and valued service.”  

MacCorkindale Elementary

“…not only were your coaches able to motivate students to work on their skills,but their positive rapport made the students enjoy the sport even more……would not have a team without the Jerome Outreach Society.”  

 Windsor Elementary (student)

Without the help of the SFU coaches, Ms. Jackson probably would’ve combusted due to so much pressure…. It also makes me feel very happy to find one of my best friends, Katrina Leo, so happy to play basketball with such professionals. She is one of our best players and I think she has a chance to play University basketball one day, and it’s exciting to think that it all started with her being coached by your program.” 

Cameron Elementary

Our school cannot provide the extent, and quality of coaching that is provided by the exceptional JOS professional coaches. I feel the students in our neighborhood are very fortunate to be receiving training from coaches of such quality. I sincerely hope that this excellent program can continue to serve children at-risk and those who cannot otherwise have athletic experiences.”

Chaffey-Burke Elementary

“The coaches provided by JOS enabled our students to participate in a quality basketball program at our school which many would otherwise never experience….The JOS coaches were exceptional. They demonstrated themselves to be enthusiastic, empathetic, and dedicated leaders…I cannot thank the Jerome Outreach Society enough for providing such a quality experience for our students”

South Slope Elementary

More than 40 children, both hearing and deaf, joined the team this year which is more than any other year at this school!….Track and field coaching of JOS caliber is something our school could not afford to provide.” 

Ecole Inman Elementary

“JOS has provided us with support through excellent coaches and organizations of practices over the past three years……Our students would not have been provided with this opportunity for extracurricular track training and experiences had it not been for the JOS”

 Vancouver Technical Secondary

“Vancouver Technical Secondary is an Inner City school with a number of students who come from low-income households….This is why the Jerome Outreach Society is so valuable in providing access to coaches who are able to pass on their knowledge to athletes at no cost to the students or the school”