Sports Saves Lives


Jerome Outreach Society hires professional coaches, university varsity, and senior high school athletes to coach at Vancouver area low income schools:  basketball, track and field, soccer, cross country running, ultimate frisbee. There is no cost to the schools and kids. Forty JOS coaches (some Olympians) will conduct training sessions at thirty-five Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey locations in 2023.  Over 2000 kids will participate, many from socially and economically challenged families.

Sports saves lives is our mantra; getting at-risk kids hooked on sports is our mission. From sports comes discipline, health, mentorship, leadership, confidence….life skills that help these kids navigate their way through the perils of the inner city.

Jerome Outreach is named in honour of Harry Winston Jerome (1940 – 1982), a talented multi-sport athlete who overcame racial and economic hardships to become one of the top sprinters of his time and one of the best athletes ever to represent Canada. Harry became a mentor to youth and an inspiration to all Canadians. He received the Order of Canada and was named British Columbia’s Athlete of the Century.

Jerome Outreach programs are customized to meet any school’s requirements:

  • Provide coaches where there is no program,
  • Provide junior coaches to assist with existing programs, or
  • Provide specific technical skills to fill in the gaps where expertise is lacking.

Jerome Outreach Society has been providing its athletic programs since 2007. It raises funds from philanthropic, corporate, and government organizations. For information about Jerome Outreach Society, contact

Mark Tourigny
Jerome Outreach Society